Sunday, June 22, 2008

a quiet sabbath

It's been so quiet here today. The children spent all afternoon reading the scriptures, writing letters to invalids, and speaking in hushed tones about their Sunday school lessons.

As you can see.

A certain "friend" suggested that we have a carpet-ruining party before the big tear-out. (Make sure a toddler isn't looking over your shoulder at this!)

The big flooring works start tomorrow morning. We'll be out and about this week since we can't be at our home during the day. We'll only come home to sleep. I probably should have planned a trip somewhere, but it didn't happen.


Ave said...

Was this "friend" from Utah? That just shouldn't happen. Dad might have used that carpet in New Mexico for something. Where will you guys go during the day? J could take the younger ones to work with him.

Ballerina Girl said...

funny pics of the kids with the beach ball bellies....
reminds me of my first pregnancy!

dtv said...

That is awesome! Big bellies and dirty carpets...sounds like a cool CD title. For some reason that reminds me of how we used to draw facial hair on the models in Mom's catalogs.

Auntie Lee said...

Only facial hair?


Gabriela said...

"writing letters to the invalids" LOL.

Looks like a lot of family fun was had-that's worth something, right?