Sunday, July 13, 2008

getting better all the time

This afternoon one of our children said that in her future family, she is going to right all the wrongs that have been done to her in ours. Or words to that effect. J and I both said how happy we were to here that. "That is the whole point," we told her. "Every generation should improve upon the traditions of the family they were born into. We look forward to seeing what you do better!"

This led to a fascinating discussion on how our children plan to raise their own children.

A few points:

Georgie will rotate places at the dinner table. She will have a big box. When she finds things out of place throughout the day, she will put them in the box. At 8 pm every night, she will throw the contents of the box into the trash.

Lidia's children will only be allowed to watch t.v. on Friday and Saturday. They will all play musical instruments besides the piano. They can play the piano if they want, but they have to play another instrument, too.

Marcus was particularly concerned with determining at what age his children will be allowed to use knives.

Bernie was the most loquacious about her future family plans. Her children will "go to church on Sunday and sit reverently. Then they will go home and sit. They will not be allowed to move all day. If they do something wrong, they will have to go to their father and he will tell them a story about a bad boy." (Bernie is listening to CDs of Little House in the Big Woods. A possible influence?)


dtv said...

That was wonderful. I'll be laughing about this all day.

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness, I bet Georgie will really do that too, maybe once. JW's dad used to throw out every hard plastic or metal toy that he stepped on.

Anonymous said...

Love to hear children's plans for their futures. I'll bet they'll have great families! It really shows that while kids may whine about certain house rules, they understand and appreciate the rightness of them. ...mum

Anonymous said...

By the way, you said that you would post some floor pics.ave

Auntie Lee said...

I threw things out that were out of place and it works so Georgie's idea is great!

Marcus probably was talking about sharp knives. Here children learn to eat with a fork and knife at 2 but its not sharp.

Bernie must have been a puritan in a past life.

Interesting that no one said something like, 'My kids can eat as much chocolate as they want.' or 'Stay up as late as they want.'

Twinlinebackers said...

Kudos to you for not taking offense to the initial comment. I love their ideas. What an enlightening conversation.

Karen ~ said...

I have a crystal-clear memory from when I was about 8, mad at my mother for making me empty the dishwasher AGAIN. (I mean geez, did we have to use dishes every single day?) Anyway I barked at her "When I'M the mom I will NEVER make MY daughter empty the dishwasher." Then about 30 seconds later, I sighed in defeat and admitted "yeah, I probably will, because I STILL won't want to do it when I'm a grown-up."

Calandria said...

Bernie's was definitely the most ironic. A Puritan? Bernie? :-) She's our little six going on sixteen as you can see from the expression in the photo.

Karen, that is so cute. I can just picture you saying that and then realizing that it might not work so well. Kids are not dummies, are they?