Monday, July 21, 2008


I had meant to post these photos of Marcus's birthday cake but didn't get around to it. He wanted a Tom and Jerry cake. That's his favorite show ever. I bet he's seen every episode a million times and yet he keeps laughing. As you can see, I managed Jerry but Tom had to sit this one out. Georgie did the little cheese, which you can't see so well in the picture but actually looked really cool. I googled Jerry, printed off an image, grabbed a black gel decorating thingy and voila. So when you first saw it, could you tell it was Jerry?
I am kidless this week. At least during the day. Georgie is at a church camp and the other three at YMCA day camp. They were so excited this morning. I hope it's fun for them.
I have loads of things I must get done before our trip to Maine next week, but I found myself having a long, leisurely chat with a friend this morning (adult conversation! with relatively few interuptions!) a leisurely trip to the library (no one pestered me to go home!), and a long, leisurely lunch on my porch. I've done nothing on my list so far. Is this what I'll do with my kidless hours this fall when everyone is off to school? Hmm. Maybe everyone will just have to adjust to Mom's life of leisure where absolutely nothing gets done.
One nice thing about having four kids quite close in age is that everyone has someone to play with. For years now every summer vacation I just send them outside or down to the basement to play. They have been really good about creating their own fun, especially when the alternative is a chore. We've spiced things up with trips to the beach or pool, zoo, and Children's museum. The end of the summer would come and we were all still cool. I couldn't relate to my friends mid- or late-summer complaints about their kids driving them crazy. Of course, for a few years we did homeschool so it's not like I had free, kidless time to look forward to.
All of that is over this summer. Things are not the same as they were. I don't know if it's because they're getting older or what. I do know that next summer will have a heck of a lot more structure than this summer. I didn't schedule much for this summer because, for one thing, I never have. Also, we had the flooring thing going on, grandparents visiting, a trip to Maine to plan, etc. But this summer my kids are different. Is it because they're getting older? The older two actually do very well finding things to do. Worthwhile things that involve no screen time. But they are not so interested in playing with the little siblings anymore. At least, not like they used to. And the two little ones don't seem to find worthwhile things to do. They are either being destructive, watching t.v., or using the computer. Sure, I read quite a bit to them. But I can't do that ALL the time.
We have twelve weeks of summer break this year. That's a lot of time to fill. I find myself wishing that it were much shorter. I think a 6-8 week summer break would be ideal. Then we could have longer vacations during the school year. What do you think? What does your ideal summer break and school year look like?


Twinlinebackers said...

We had year round school when I was a kid and I loved it. I enjoy a long summer break but school didn't drag on forever when we got a week off every month or two.
We learned to never say we were bored because it meant we got a job. I've adopted the same thing with my kids. When they argue or are playing inside and come in I assume it means they need a job to do. Keeps them self entertained for hours!

Anonymous said...

Nice to read about your kidless day. Have a great vacation in Maine. It is a transition to be made by all mothers no matter how many children when they all enter school. Suggestion is, do something you enjoy along with the needed everyday chores. Days go by so fast, you blink and they are all back home with homework and stories. love you, auntie

My Full Hands said...

I'm not sure how I would change the summer/school schedule. Although I hate it when the kids get bored and whiney, at least they are excited to go back to school when the summer is over.

Anonymous said...

Marcus looks so much like Georgie in that picture.

Karen ~ said...

Well, today is your final kidless day ... I am eager to hear what else you did all week!

Today I am sitting here bored, which is a very odd occurance in my life. So I am baking cookies.

May as well be well-fed while I'm bored, right?

Ballerina Girl said...

Funny you should mention the different amounts of time for a break...
here in Brazil, since the seasons are opposite of the US, the American school tries to combine holidays. So, in the US summer, (now), we have 7 weeks. Just perfect for me...not too long to forget all your work, nor too long to drive me crazy (though that doesn't happen too often).
Then at Christmas, we have another 5-6 weeks, which is when the Brazilians enjoy their summer. This is great because we are not pressed with all the holiday travels that we do, to rush back for school starting or have to to find flights on crowded days.
I like the system....
well, then there is always a week for Carnaval (Mardi Gras), and even a week for another spring break this year!
Ok, let me go back and check out how many days my kids are actually GOING to school this year!
hahaha, BG