Saturday, August 16, 2008


We saw the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum right before we went to Maine. It was so much cooler than I expected! It really liked the little videos about the different worlds of Star Wars and how they were conceived. The kids loved it, of course.

It goes through August 24th so don't miss it!


Karen ~ said...

LOL - I saw the hiking pictures, then the top two pics of this post and I thought to myself "Well, THAT'S weird, that looks just like part of the Star Wars exhibit, how can they be doing that in Maine???"

Were any of the characters there in costume when you went? Darth Vader walked past me while we were there, and no kidding, I wanted to hide and I found myself thinking 'I hope he doesn't look at me.'

Mama Ava said...

We saw it opening weekend and LOVED it. The Science Museum did a great job of keeping crowds low so you could actually play with the exhibits. We loved seeing the costumes. The kids loved the R2D2 thing and see Darth Vader's helmet and the light saber handles!