Thursday, August 21, 2008


When I was in Maine there were many days that my insides hurt from laughing so hard. And it was mostly the fault of my sister, these two guys, and cousin Levi. They slay me. I would laugh so hard that I wouldn't be able to stop, I'd start crying, and then I'd have to run off somewhere to compose myself.

I have many photos of Conner clan hijinks in various venues. My cousin Mal's wedding reception in Bar Harbor, a Conner clan gathering the next day, and a bonfire at the farm after Marcus's baptism. I will put them up gradually because you can only handle that sort of thing in small doses. Some of the funniest moments were when we were just hanging out and talking. There was this one story DTV, Link, and Levi made up about how a certain birdhouse got nailed very high up in a tree in my Gram's backyard. That story and the vivid images my imagination supplied has popped into my mind at the most inconvenient of moments. And how am I supposed to explain why I am smiling?


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that was a good time. I'm glad that we could entertain you guys, I even made J crack up a few times! That story of Gram should be written down.

Anonymous said...

I wanna hear it! Man! Those kinds of stories make me crack up!

I know what you mean. Sometimes I just start thinking about something at the most random times and end up having to tell people that I'm laughing hysterically to myself because I suffer from a rare disease caused by relations to ridiculous people.

Auntie lee said...

Its strange how much we laugh when we're back home and cry when we leave. Last summer when Meg and I left Maine we cried constantly all the way to the airport and through check-in and finally stopped. For the next few days one of us would start for no apparent reason and set the other one off.

I don't think I've laughed or cried so much since.

dtv said...

I'm amazed that genes that make up this family. I think I will have to write that story of Gram down. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. My neighbor wants me to learn Photoshop, and these would be great pictures to make too.