Sunday, August 31, 2008

happy couple

(photo by Galen)

I have had very little computer time lately. We tried to squeeze in a bunch of summer activities into these last two weeks before school starts. I wanted to post more about our Maine trip but haven't had the chance!

When we were in Maine my cousin Mal got married. When Mal was about three she asked me why I always call her Mallie Moses. I told her it was because one day we went down to the river and heard a odd sound. We looked around and in the cattails we found a basket, and in the basket we found a tiny baby we decided to name Mallie Moses.

Lots of friends here asked, when I told them we were going to my cousin's wedding reception in Maine, if my children were going to be in the wedding. No, in fact we didn't go to the actual wedding. Mormons are married in temples which we consider sacred places. Couples marrying in the temple often choose to invite only immediate family, which is what Mal did.

When J and I got married, the Boston temple had not been built, so we were married in the Salt Lake City temple. Only our parents and a few friends were able to come in because children are not allowed and our older siblings did not have temple recommends yet. I am glad that I chose to be married in the temple because the covenants we made there are eternal. However, I have to admit I did not especially love my wedding day. The Salt Lake Temple means a lot to the Mormon people and it is beautiful, but it did not feel like "my" temple. The temple was very busy that day and instead of feeling like a special bride, I felt like a number. It's like the Salt Lake temple is the Vegas of Mormon weddings. (I suppose that is a terribly crass comparison. Maybe I'll end up deleting that. Maybe not.) I felt lonely in that sealing room with only our parents and three friends. I would have loved for my whole family to be there. My siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins. It seemed wrong that they weren't present for the most important day of my life.

Anyway, back to Mal's wedding. We got to meet her new husband Mike, who seems like one heck of a guy. We like him a lot! The reception in Bar Harbor was a ton of fun. Thank heavens no alcohol was served. The Conners need no alcohol. You can see lovely, tasteful photos here and here. For the rest of the story, go here.


Ballerina Girl said...

Pretty wedding foto!
Looks like you have had a great summer, enjoying family and friends...

Karen ~ said...

I found your comments about marrying in the Salt Lake City Temple very interesting - I knew you had been married there, and I always thought how lucky you were and how special it must have been to have been married there, in my mind it seemed more like the "Mecca" for LDS couples (to try and find a comparison) - but now that you share how it felt, I can completely understand what you mean. I had never considered that aspect of it.

I also got married in an unfamiliar location, not "my" church, but I did have all my friends and family around me, which made it good.

Anonymous said...

When I got married in Salt Lake, I was hurried through the brides room by irritable old ladies. They kept saying, "there are other brides waiting to use this room..."
I wanted my hour or so of glory sitting at the gold gilded mirror. Oh well. If Boston had been open, maybe we would have been married there, but my photos outside on the temple grounds made it all worth it.

Calandria said...

That's true about the photos, Ave. SLC is incomparable for wedding photos! Although probably Hawaii is pretty nice, too.