Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ave dared me to post "the fat arm picture." Ha, she probably didn't think I would post an unflattering photo of myself on this blog, but that's how much she knows. My mom took the fat arm picture one of the first few days we were in Maine. Ever after, when Ave and I posed for photos, we did "skinny arm," as exhibited in the second photo. Except Ave looks cool doing "skinny arm," while I look like I'm doing the funky chicken. I think Ave looks so good in the third photo, no (at least a little better than here)? I cropped myself out because it looked better without me.


Anonymous said...

Fat arms rule!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Saw the fat arm picture on your Facebook page. Very brave but they don't look very fat to me to begin with.

Is Ave's hair naturally curly? It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Okay, let me just say that that other picture of Ave is AMAZING!

Calandria said...

Ave's hair IS naturally curly! And she's at least four inches taller than I am. But I don't hate her.