Saturday, August 09, 2008

stuff white people like

Probably every else has already discovered this hilarious site. I've seen it posted on a few different blogs but hadn't gotten around to reading it until now.

It seems I'm really white. I like many of those things. I'm saved from utter albinism because 1) I'm from Maine and we are different from other white people, and 2) I'm married to a Mexican and some of his ways have rubbed off on me.

I have a couple things to add to the list:

#107 Knowing your ethnicity.

If you are not white, white people want to know "what" you are. In fact, they are quite uncomfortable until they discover whether you are Korean or Chinese, Jamaican or Nigerian, Peruvian or Bolivian. Most white people realize it is not cool to ask you directly, so they will try indirect methods of ascertaining this vital information. "So were you vacationing in ----- or visiting... someone?" "Where did you meet your spouse?" "Where do your children's grandparents live?" "Do you know of any good ethnic restaurants?"

#108 Children of mixed race/ethnicity

White people think the offspring of people of two different races/ethnicities are more attractive than those of a single race/ethnicity. Kind of like mixed breed puppies.


Ok, I have one more.

#109 Safety precautions

White people show they are the best parents by taking extreme safety measures. If this means keeping a 78 lb. 7th grader in a car seat, then so be it. We have white people to thank for the very safe playground equipment now found in every single school and park in the United States. You can make white people feel more secure in their environment by making sure your children are using the playground equipment in the way it was intended.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is so true! I totally am guilty of asking people what ethnicity they are, and since I am a Mainer, I just come right out and ask. In fact on my first date with JW I asked him "what" he was. He had such a tan that summer and has those little almond shaped eyes I thought he might be a quarter Asian or something. Too funny.

Karen ~ said...

So, my question is, do we know for sure that non-white people don't like most of those things, too?

Maria said...

I admit it, I do think that mixed race people are generally more attractive. I'm hoping my kids marry non-white so I can have some little cafe mocha or skim latte grandkids. Okay, I don't drink coffee so I just made those up, but you get the idea.

The safety thing is very upscale white.