Monday, September 08, 2008


I reread my "speechwriter" post and I'm afraid it was poorly worded. Sarcasm often comes across poorly in print or doesn't come through at all. I learned that in college from reading the letters to the editor in the Daily Universe.

So, here's what I meant and should have said: I may not agree with Sarah Palin on all or even half the issues, but I can still see that she's getting shafted by the media. At first I thought it was because she's a woman and then I thought it was because she's an attractive woman. But Michelle Obama is an attractive woman too who is also a media darling. The difference (aside from the ideological) between the two is that Sarah Palin didn't follow the acceptable feminist career path. She didn't go to a fancy college and she didn't have a high profile career before having children. That's why the media and the feminists are so upset with her.

Here is something I've been wondering: Did John McCain or any of his people ever say that Palin was picked to attract the Hillary Clinton votes? I don't think so. And yet the media is so convinced this is the case. Palin, so far, has turned out to be an incredibly shrewd pick. She has ignited the Republican base who were unenthused about McCain pre-Palin. She is being portrayed as a reformer, she is young and charismatic, she's an eloquent public speaker, heck, she's the Republican Obama. Right down to the lack of experience and slightly shady dealings.

I scoffed at the idea of Hillary voters going for McCain. But here's what has completely bowled me over: They are!!! I heard on the radio this morning that a new poll shows that 23% of former Hillary supporters now support McCain. I am confused by this. Can anyone explain this to me?

I have been researching the issues because I'm still undecided. I do prefer McCain's platform in some areas, but have doubts about how much he could accomplish with a Democratic Senate and House.


Anonymous said...

I was listening to Sean Hannity months ago and they did the people on the street thing, they kept asking people why they were voting for Hilary and the women kept saying "because she is a woman." I think that women feel that voting for a woman is safe because women are women, and they don't make the same errors men do. They feel safter voting for a woman. Women are more peaceful and shrewd, less emotional even perhaps. I know it sounds ludicrous, but I think that this could be the reason why people are switching to McCain. Personally, Palin sort of won me over because of her directness and no nonsense approach.

Karen ~ said...

OK, where to start? I think you are off on your perception of why the feminists and media don't like Palin - I believe it's because of her very conservative stands on social issues, and her inexperience. I think they are judging her on her merits. College and earlier career are not what's at stake, it's what she stands for now. You say ‘the difference (aside from the ideological)’ -- but I think that is IT, you CAN'T think about her "aside from" the ideological.

I agree that she has really ignited the attention of the entire country. But I am concerned about your comment that she and Obama are equal in lack of experience.

Yes, she is a governor. But Obama has the type of background and life experience that makes him significantly more prepared to move into the Oval Office than she does. He has studied, taught, and participated in national government. True, he has never signed a bill into law, or had the power to veto something. However, it is important to remember that signing a bill into law is not nearly as complex as developing that law. And things that she is claiming to have done as governor continue to be exposed as exaggerations, to the point that nothing she says is credible any more.

To me, Palin's claim that she is "one of us" and focusing on her time as a hockey mom and a PTA member, are reasons NOT to vote for her - I believe the presidency is the hardest job in the nation, and I don't want someone just like me in that role - I want someone WAY better than me. I want someone who is an intellectual, someone who can grasp, analyze, discourse on, and make wise decisions about incredibly complex issues. I want someone with a trained mind and a lot of education. I want someone who has proven that s/he can take personal life experiences and learn from them, while at the same time exhibiting great respect for those whose personal choices are different.

I think peoples' objections to Palin are based in their disbelief that she is being presented as a viable candidate for (vice) president. The fact that she is attractive perhaps gets her more camera time, but that’s not why people are reacting negatively to her.

As for the percentages you heard about Hillary voters – well, that is odd to me, too, and I guess I am not sure I believe it. Time will tell!

(sorry for the length here …)

Calandria said...

I wasn't called in for jury duty this morning or this afternoon. Yay!

Ave, I assume you left the first comment? I have to admit I have sometimes fantasized about an all-woman government. Okay. Maybe that didn't sound quite right coming from a straight gal. But you know what I mean.

Karen, I did not think your comment was too long and I thought you made some great points. I do think the mainstream media would be unhappy with you for suggesting that they don't like Palin because of her ideology.

I heard the 22% on MPR, but maybe this actually came from before Hillary dropped out.

Having a bunch of letters after his/her name does make a candidate more impressive on paper, but I don't know that it necessarily has practical value.

Karen, I would like to announce my support for you as the next candidate for the office of President of the United States of America.

athena said...

not only is mccain getting some of feminists voters he's also getting gay and lesbian voters too. can someone explain that one to me?

i must say that since the palin pick obama has been sounding pretty flat. he sounds much MUCH better inspiring people than he does rebounding.

i heard that he gave an interview about his comments he gave at saddleback where part of what he mentioned referred to his wanting to go into the military in order to show his support for the military but once again, this is what gets to me about him--he talks about things but (hasn't done) doesn't do anything.

and while we're at it (reading karen's comments about being ready to move into the oval office), we should remember that obama is the one running for president, not palin.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I've been somewhat amazed but not really surprised by all the attention the media has given to Palin. Hopefully they'll get past her personal life soon and start delving into her political stances. I watched the program CNN put on about Obama (they did one for McCain too but missed it). Not very impressed with his senate record both for the state of Illinois and in the US Senate. Voting present instead of making a commitment either way shows me he either doesn't really care or dare to take a stance on any issue.

Haven't made a decision on Palin yet as I'm still trying to learn more about her. So far I like what I see. Her views are much more in line with mine than either McCain or Obama but she's not running for president.

Anonymous said...

yeah that first comment was me Calandria.
Karen, I am not sure that I would put US senate experience over state executive experience, but I am not sure.
Montse, she could be president very easily if McCain won, the man is 72!!! He could go at any time. Although he does look rather healthy.

Anonymous said...

The media is only out for ratings and getting creating conflicts that are not there. Palin is running for office and not Michelle Obama so how can you compare the two. Also Barak Obama is running for Pres. and not Palin so how can you compare the two? Also, leave the children, grand-children, lovers, affairs, hookers and pizza delivery people out of it. I don't give a crap about them. The press will say anything and twist everything for viewers. For that matter the parties will too.

Why people vote for a person because of sex or skin color is confusing. America is suppose to have separate State and religion but they are making a big fuss about Obaba's religion as well. They did with Romney too. Also Palin is suppose to be pro-life but has a dead bear in her office that she shot. Guess she's not pro bear.

I also do not understand the stand that McCain is making against government. He has worked for the government his whole life. To me he's saying, 'Get rid of people in the government - except me!' He has never had a job in the private sector -EVER. What's he know? I do agree that government is to big and needs to be GREATLY reformed but what he is saying is very hypocritical.

Polls don't make any sense either. They are not scientific and can be manipulated to easily.

I don't get all the media hype here (thank goodness) but I have been trying to find out what all these people stand for via the internet. I still have a hard time finding out what their plans are. They spend so much time with rhetoric that I can't find actual plans. Very frustrating!

Mama Ava said...

An interesting site is It's non-partisan and reviews speeches, ads, and claims made by both sides. They'd review Obama's or Biden's speeches and point out the stretches of truth or convenient glossing over. Then, they'll do McCain and Palin. Sometimes it makes me cynical because it just shows that everything is spun and you just can't believe what anyone really says. On the other hand, there have been times when it has proved very enlightening.

I would rank senate experience over state governor, if only for the exposure and work in the international forum. I honestly don't think there's really anything you can do that will make you ready for the job of President, but certainly working on issues that involve international issues is a bigger start.

I just keep going back to why she was picked, and I think it's not because she's a woman. there are many more qualified women. I think it's because she's very conservative and that will appeal to that segment. I also think because she's an unkown, she hasn't written or spoken or voted on things that can come back to haunt her. How many times has a candidate had his college or law school papers dragged out and used to confront certain hot issues?

I just don't believe she's a qualified candidate. She may be conservative and direct and down to earth. The VP job isn't a throw-away position and it's a lot more than just waiting to be President if the head guy dies. I think the jump is too big, politics aside.