Monday, September 15, 2008

because this is what's important

Enough about politics. Who wants to talk about the leadership of the free world when you can talk about solo dresses instead?

Both of these are pretty crummy pictures. I'm pretty sure the dress in the second photo, described as "raspberry," is not actually retina-burning. Fauna saw this dress at Nationals and she calls it "kind of a poppy red/pink" and very beautiful.

I love the style of the first because it's so simple and unique. It's kind of Irish step mod girl. I imagine the second would look very striking on Lidia with her dark hair. For many girls, this would be the case of the dress wearing the girl, but I think Lid could pull it off.

What do you think?


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Yes, the bottom dress will go wonderfully with Lidia's hair but I think the top one's color will go beautifully with her skin tone. I like them both!

Mama Ava said...

Again, I'm a red gal. I like the more simple style on the top, but I don't think there are many dresses that would "wear" any of your daughters!

Anonymous said...

My first impression of the aqua and black dress was "yuck!" It is very weird looking to me. Then I went back and looked again, and now I think that perhaps you are right and Lidia could pull it off. I still think it's bizarre, but it could be one of those dresses that looks good on.

Karen ~ said...

Of these two, I like the top one. I can absolutely see Lidia wearing it. It would emphasize her coloring and the shimmery bodice would echo her shining hair.

(gee, I'm a little poetic this morning, eh?)

Can't wait to see the final choice and a photo of her in it!

Anonymous said...

I like the red one best but I think the picture of the blue one is probably not very good. I think it looks better in real life. I also think it looks more like just a pretty dress and not necessarily a dance dress where as the red one is definitely a dance dress.

Calandria said...

Auntie, have you seen Irish dancers there in the Netherlands? A well-known dressmaker is there--Lowland Design.

Anonymous said...

I like the celtic symbols on the red dress. ...mum

Anonymous said...

I live across the street from a theater and a few months ago we went to see an Irish group from Ireland perform there. I know there are traditional Irish dancing groups here but they are not really in the neighborhood. It would be cool to let M. go but its to far away.

I looked-up the Lowlands Design and its in Sassenheim. That's about 40 min. from here if theres no traffic (2 hours if there is). What we do when we order things from the U.S. is to send it to friends or to Moms and have them send it. That way you get out of the 33% import tax. If you decide to do something like that I can pick it up and send it to you. It is cheaper but remember at the moment the dollar is low so keep an eye on the exchange rate or you may pay a lot more then you think.

Ballerina Girl said...

Well, I do not know Lidia personally but it seems like she could pull off anything from what you and the comments say! So go for it Lidia! Be brave, wear the hot pink! or not..
I bet she will look beautiful no matter what.