Tuesday, September 16, 2008

blog list

I finally put up my updated blog roll. I tried to name the blogs so that you would know how I know these people. Because I totally wonder that when I see other folk's blog rolls. There were a few I've met through the blogosphere like Amity, Dave, Nestle, and Gabriela. But instead of labeling them "blogosphere" I tried to come up with something more precise.

Mum sent me an email saying I could post a link to her blog. Maybe I embarrassed her too much by saying she was shy. And now here I am embarrassing her again! What are daughters for? Love you, Mum!

Some of the people I label as "homeschool" are no longer homeschooling, but that is how I originally met them. That includes Athena, Mama Ava, and Karen.

I'm missing a few author blogs but I'll stick them in later.


Karen ~ said...

Got a big'ol grin on my face when I saw you have done your annual transformation for Halloween!

Thanks for the blog list (like I really need more blogs to spend my time reading ...!!!)

Calandria said...

I'm not totally happy with the transformation but I wanted something new today. I'll probably refine it as the month goes on... :-)

Mama Ava said...

I like it! I'm used to a more peaceful serene appearance but I've always loved the idea of the Day of the Dead.

Here we have a national holiday called Tomb-Sweeping Day, where (I guess) you're supposed to get your eternal resting place tidied up.