Sunday, September 21, 2008

dream #3

I don't remember as many atmospheric details of this dream. We were vacationing in southern Mexico for a long time. I think we had rented a little house there. It was time for us to go back to the States, but there was this baby. I don't remember how the baby turned up, but we had this orphaned baby in our house. It was a tiny little girl who at first I thought was about five months old. We were taking care of her but it was time for us to leave. I kept asking everyone what we should do with this baby. Everyone (including J!) told me to just leave it in the house and someone would find it and take care of it. I said I would absolutely not leave it, and so the baby ended up driving back to the States with us. We intended to find an adoptive family for her.

The baby had very dark skin and Mexican Indian features, but wispy, light brown hair. As I interacted with her more, I soon realized she was not around five months old, but maybe closer to two. She started walking and then running, even though she was a little bitty thing. She started talking. I also realized that I could never hand her over to another family and that I would be adopting her. When I told J, he rolled his eyes. (This is hilarious if you know how much the real-life J adores children and would probably have a dozen if I were game.)


ProMom said...

So, when are you and J going to adopt?

ProMom said...

Oh, I forgot ;)