Saturday, September 13, 2008


Thanks for all the responses on the previous post! Lidia and I enjoyed reading those. DTV, we can totally see you in number three, although you've always looked so good in royal blue.
I corresponded a bit with the seller of dress #1 and I was going to make an offer on it. However, the seller would not agree to take the dress back and refund it if it did not fit. Many sellers do offer to take it back within three days, but some don't. I thought it was too much risk to buy the dress without having Lidia try it on. It was also priced very high and Fauna (Lidia's dance teacher who reads this blog--Hi, Fauna!-- and is helping us find a dress) says we can probably find a great dress for a lower price. We don't need anything right away. Lidia's class dress will still fit for her next competition in two weeks.
So here's what I'm trying to ignore: I am shopping for a dance costume for my daughter that could very well cost ten times more than I paid for my wedding dress. Maybe the question should not be why I'm willing to fork over so much for a dance costume, but rather, why I paid so little for my wedding dress.
That would be because I didn't have any money. I was a full-time student and not working. It was my perception at the time that my parents weren't thrilled at my decision to get married when I did, so I felt embarrassed asking them for a lot of money for a dress. Also, to make a full confession, I considered it unromantic and bourgeoisie to spend much time and money on a wedding dress.
I found out that my roommate's mother-in-law was making her dress. (Yes, my roommate was engaged too. Not a strange coincidence at BYU.) She told me that this woman had made many wedding dresses and would probably make mine too. The woman agreed to make it, and for a song. There were a few things that didn't turn out quite right, like I would have preferred both the skirt and sleeves a big longer. However, especially in hindsight, I got a really good deal on that dress.
Are you admiring my demure little bouquet? That's okay. You can ask. It's because a few days before my wedding someone asked if I'd ordered the flowers. What? Flowers? I called a florist and said, "I need a bridal bouquet for my wedding." She listed all the white flowers available and asked which I wanted. "Those all sound good to me," I said. "But which do you want for your bouquet?" she asked. "I'll take them all," I said. Honest! While I don't care for the proportions of little bride and huge bouquet in my photos, I do love that story.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That's great! Ya know, thinking back on how much my wedding cost and what I would do differently, I'm not so sure I would have ordered a bouquet. I mean, I LOVED my flowers. They were gorgeous, but because my wedding (and pictures) were in Boston and my reception was in Maine, the bouquet I used the most was the one I made myself out of flowers and greens bought at a Whole Foods Store. (Of course, if I had known I could do that, I would have before ever ordering the flowers.) That's the bouquet you see in all my pictures in Boston and at the temple. They actually came out really well! You'll see in the pictures once we get them.

Ballerina Girl said...

Well, for not planning at all, you look georgeous! The flowers are pretty, and I love picture with the tulips...
If Lidia's dress looks as good as you did at your wedding she will be just as beautiful!
Good luck in your search!

Michelle said...

Wow, you both look so young. I had to enlarge the picture to make sure it was really you. And then I kind of gasped thinking, "Georgie in a few years?" Not that she will be married, but that this is what she will look like...

I think the flowers look great too. My bouquet was the one thing that I felt I had an opinion on. All the rest of the stuff--especially reception decorations-- was too much and too overwhelming and so I agreed to others' suggestions. I did say no to the heart shaped ice ring in the punch bowl though.

Gabriela said...

I love this post-we would SO be friends. My parents were less than thrilled when I got married too, so I know just what you mean about money issues. I bought my dress off the rack at some discount bridal store in California-I loved it. It was never altered, I just wore it. I got my flowers from some lady who did flowers out of her home-just telling her basically that I loved lots of colors and different flowers. Low stress wedding. :)