Monday, September 01, 2008

family blogs

I don't have my blog links up anymore but I plan change that soon. Just now when reading the comments on the former post, I remembered that I haven't mentioned here that my Auntie Lee has a blog now. Auntie lives in the Netherlands. Athena has told me in the past that she thought Auntie Lee should have a blog. Well, she finally does! She's at Yes. We are on Mars! Stop by and say hello to the new blogger.

Here are some more family blogs:

Witless Ways or Thoughtful Days My hilarious and gorgeous sister, Ave.

Would you like some coffee? my big little brother, Link.

The thinks my aunt ML in Saipan

Michael and Mallory the darling, unusually photogenic newlyweds!

My mom has a blog too but she's too shy and she doesn't want me to link to it. Hi, Mom!

Not blogs, but cool:

My brother DTV's myspace

Million Year Echo my cousin Levi's band. They're really good. Check them out. Levi is the lead singer and songwriter.

Selena Moshell photography by Levi's multi-talented girlfriend. She's also a bird in Disney's The Lion King show! And she's also very sweet.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm giving myself a break for not knowing about Aunt Lee's but I had no idea about Link's, Ave's or your mum's. Good grief! Thanks for cluing us all in people!