Friday, September 26, 2008

hi ya'll

Bernie is home sick today. We're probably having our last very warm day of the year. But who knows, what with global warming.

I have been preparing a Sunday school lesson (The Book of Mormon is awesome!), exercising (I've lost two whopping pounds!), practicing violin (I suck!), and reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (I adore this book!) for our next book group discussion. So you see, I'm living a most exclamatory life. Remember how I used to do SMART habits? I think I'm going to start doing that again. It was helpful. So every week or so I'll be posting about my goals again.

Lidia has an Irish dance competition tomorrow. I hope it goes better than the last one she went to here in the Twin Cities. At that one she forgot to start dancing when she was supposed to on the light jig, messed up hornpipe, bounced her wig off doing the slip jig, and fell off the stage doing the reel! (Her reel was so good in spite of the tumble, she did still manage a first place.)


Ballerina Girl said...

I have wanted to read that book and always seem to forget it when I am ordering from Amazon! thanks for the reminder!
Way to go on the diet!

Geez, I use exclamation points way too much !

Meg said...

You are having WAY too much fun with the skeletons. :)

Anonymous said...

That's pretty impressive - a first place despite such an accident. Way to go! I hope Bernie feels better.

Dina said...

Just finished A Tree Grows in Brooklyn last night. Coincidence?

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I'm getting back on the exercise wagon again. I seriously need to lose some weight before it gets out of hand.

I wish you taught our Gospel Doctrine class. I usually skip ours and stay in the nursery then go to RS. Isn't that terrible?

Anonymous said...

How can Bernie be homesick? Where is she?

Wow what a bummer for Lidia. The Dutch have a word for those kind of mishaps 'pech'. It's like saying bummer and mishap at the same time. I'm glad I wasn't there because every time I see those things happen my heart falls. I can't even watch shows like Idols or Popstar where they show horrible singers because I feel so bad for them. I guess picking yourself up and continuing makes you strong but it sucks when it happens. Good luck to her and keep it up. I'll keep rooting for her!!

Calandria said...

Dina, why don't you fly in for our discussion next Tuesday? That would be so awesome!!

Cocoa, I can't believe you skip GD! I thought you were practically perfect in every way. ;-) I bet you would be a good GD teacher.

Auntie, I meant to say that Bernie was sick so she didn't go to school. Home sick, not homesick. :-) I feel the same way about watching people have those kind of mishaps. It makes me feel terrible.

Lidia did great today--no falling, wig loss, mess ups, etc. She has been practicing really hard and has improved a lot. Unfortunately the judges weren't on her side today. She did get one second place in slip jig. There were two other dances she did so well at, I was shocked she didn't place! Lidia really danced well, especially in hornpipe, and she's danced with this same group of girls all year. She's gotten second place every time this year, and after she danced, I thought, well there! This time she got first. I could not believe she didn't place.

Lidia is being much more adult about it than I am. Have I gone all stage mom or something? Yikes.