Wednesday, October 08, 2008

confessions of a solo dress addict

This morning Lidia and I were checking out the new dresses that have been put up for sale on DanceAgain. Suddenly, I smelled something. I bolted down the stairs to find, yes, burnt oatmeal. It was bad. I think I may have ruined the pot.
The above dress is a new, off-the-rack for sale on the Dancing in Celtic site. I love the colors and the panels on the front, which remind me of leaves. Lidia's favorite dress so far, one that I worried was too small for Lidia and then it sold, was made by this shop.
Lest you think I spend all my time online gawking at solo dresses, I should mention a few other things I've done lately:
I've been practicing violin again. This morning Lidia heard me laboring over a song I used to play so easily and she said respectfully, yet firmly, "Mom, I think you should try some scales." I admitted that I'd forgotten the scales. She patiently taught me two to work on. Lidia practices scales diligently and her fingers have become strong and sure.
I've written over 1000 words of my novel in the last three days. I've had the basic plot idea, time period, setting, and characters for this book for over a year and I've been working on the outline. I had to decide if I was going to do historical fiction with a setting in medieval Spain, or create my own fantasy setting based on medieval Spain. Or do something of a mix of both, for example, have the setting be medieval Spain, but create fictional cities and people based on real. Right now I'm leaning toward alternative history. There will be real characters from Spanish history in my story, but things will turn out differently in my book than they really did in history. Besides writing, I've done a lot of research too. This has taken most of my time the past week.


Meg said...

1. Great job on your book. You have inspired me.

2. Holy toledo! Great website for solo dresses. You could get lost there very easily. But how do you choose from so many gorgeous dresses?

3. How do you afford one?!

Gabriela said...

Sounds like you have been busy working on lots of good things. I can't wait to say I know you when you are a published author!

Reed said...

Hey Calandria -
Andrea and the girls had a lot of fun on the dress quest too! It's a fun, maddening, roller coaster ride - enjoy it!

Perhaps with the new depression coming on prices will come down a bit ;) What effect is the financial melt down having on exchange rates?

The fiddle is such a hard instrument -- have you considered the button accordion? :) HA HA!!!

Calandria said...

Meg: Well, I will not be "affording" a new dress. That's my dreaming web site, so no actual choosing necessary. :-) However, I've seen several of the dresses in their gallery come up for sale used, so there's my hope.

Gabriela: I will send you an autographed copy. ;-)

Reed: I think solo dresses count as luxury items that are generally impervious to drops in markets and such. At least, I haven't seen decreases so far, durn it.

Mama Ava said...

Oh I LOVE this one. It's actually Celtic-looking, like the one she currently wears. I know I haven't been properly indoctrinated into the whole dress thing, but some just look so Barbie-esque to me. This looks Irish and would look beautiful on her!