Thursday, October 09, 2008

oh. my. gosh.

You Should Live in Arkansas

If you don't want to live in Arkansas, you might also consider:




New Mexico



Meg said...

I should be in Alaska.

Who sets up these things anyway?! :)

Gabriela said...

I know. I think I got Kentucky.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

hahaha!!!! You could move in with us here in Nevada.

I got Georgia. Sounds about right.

Dina said...

Kansas here. ??

Karen ~ said...

oh my goodness, I am in Alaska with Meg.

How timely.

Michigan is one of my other options, which is where I was born.

Alaska, eh?

Ballerina Girl said...

ok, not sure where they got all these States matching from really! Even mine, yes, Maine is a cool State, but I am so much a warmer climate girl!
I like the blue and green dress A LOT.
and no, it is not offensive to be called a non-Mormon. I mean I am literally not a Mormon, so I think you need not worry! I will go to the stories this weekend when I have more time to sit and concentrate on them, they sound interesting!
Sounds like you are accomplishing a lot...I hope to read your book one day, it also sounds interesting... medieval Spain!

ML said...

I got Georgia too. Peaches, pecans, and Vidalia onions--MMMMMM!

Anonymous said...

It's okay, I was condemned to Colorado. Too bad, really. Colorado is a poorly shaped state and I have little desire to live near anything that could constitute a desert. One thing I don't get is that I said I like people "sometimes" and they gave me both Montana and Wisconsin as other options. Montana? NO ONE LIVES IN MONTANA! And I only know one person from Wisconsin. I also said I loved snow, so why did they put me in Louisiana?

I guess I'll just have to settle on Rhode Island or Vermont.

Maria said...

I got New Hampshire. Maybe you were too hard on yourself and said you were a little chunky? I'm sure your arms are really nicely toned.

Calandria said...

I don't think it was my not-so-slenderness that relegated me to Arkansas. I think it was the answers to the Starbucks and religion questions. :-)

Maria again said...

What I didn't notice at first is that Arkansas is also in my top 5. And how did I get Alaska? I choose the least snow option. I also never go to Starbucks, but that's because I don't drink coffee and even if I did I'm way too cheap.

Mama Ava said...

I can't get the link to work, but I can certainly vouch for the fact that yes, there are PEOPLE in Montana. And they're not all bat-touching weirdos, either. :-)

Anonymous said...

I got Georgia which is coincidental because I have been thinking that living in Dahlonega would be nice. I've never been there but I hear it is beautiful, not so crowded and a lot warmer then Maine. I love Maine but can't do the cold anymore.