Monday, November 24, 2008

ayn rand cultists hijack mama ava's blog

Top news story of the day: Mama Ava's blog has been taken over by members of an Ayn Rand cult. At least that's what I think they must be. They all seem to know each other and they are obviously worshippers of Ayn Rand. So I'm exaggerating a little, but it's still worth reading. Go check them out.

In other news, remember that civic literacy test? Check out how elected officials did on a civic literacy test (a different one, I think?) put out by the same group.


Ave said...

Oh, that was fun! Poor Mama Ava!

Meg said...


Hey, why didn't you guys ask them to prove there wasn't a God?


Richard said...

How do you figure two commenters constitutes a "hijacking"? It seems you have a prejudice.

Rick Barnes said...

It's rather mean-spirited to characterize the participation of Ayn Rand admirers at the mentioned blog as "hijacking". On my own account and from what I understand of what's be written by others there, it has only been an open discussion of the topic of thanksgiving, gratitude and charity. If the post had not been open to comment, no comment would have made. I assume you are open to comment here as well, otherwise comments would not be allowed. To remain open to comment and then debase those who do so is wrong of you.

Hijacking would suggest no other comment other than by Ayn Rand admirers is possible. As I understand it, this is not the case there ... nor here. For my own part, I participated in that discussion for no other reason than I am familiar with Rand's philosophy and have an opinion on those subjects. As always, I am open to hear what others believe ... provided I am free to respond.

It would be rather ironic for one to advocate charity and then behave rather uncharitable toward one's readers.

Mama Ava said...

I think "hijacking" wasn't meant as a perjorative. I use that word when the blog posts seem to take on a life of their own, often going in a direction I hadn't anticipated. I appreciated your thoughts and comments--different though they are from mine. It is difficult, as we all know, to have discussions when viewpoints are so polarized--as we all know. While I don't think I will agree with much/most of Rand's ideas (from what I've heard so far) I have learned more than I knew at the outset and that is never a bad thing.

Calandria has endured many many many posts from family, friends, and strangers that have ranged far and wide over politics and values and she's been quite charitable to those of us she knows don't share her beliefs.

Calandria said...

"Hijacking" wasn't meant as a pejorative. It was meant as a joke. I see that wasn't understood/appreciated so I apologize.

Mama Ava, it's true that I've had the occasional comment by a stranger but nothing ever like what just took place on your blog! Thank you for speaking in my defense against people who obviously know nothing about me.

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving seems to be a new world holiday yet harvest feasts have been celebrated in Europe for many centuries and in many ways. I find it strange how people have gotten so far away from their cultural roots that they no longer understand holidays or the significance of them. They also seem to use secularism as a way of either arguing for or against a holiday when in reality harvest feasts are either secular or not depending upon the culture and time period of a particular region.

I understood what you meant by 'hijacking'. Gueez people, lighten up.

Dina said...

I think because I wasn't the one he was arguing with, I didn't find his posts that offensive, Calandria. It just sounds like the viewpoint of an atheist. Coming to comment on your blog and call you "mean-spirited" was a bit much, however.

Athena said...

there's a new civics literacy test with half the number of questions as the previous one. :)