Sunday, December 21, 2008

i like

J and I watched a movie Friday night and one last night. The Friday one I loathed. I'm not even going to say what it was. Saturday night's was delightful: Hitchcock's "Stage Fright" from 1950. I saw it referred to in several places as a "lesser" Hitchcock, and I don't know if that means inferior or less well-known than "The Birds," for example, or "Psycho." Though the two leads are most known for who they married, (Jane Wyman was Ronald Reagan's first wife and Michael Wilding was Elizabeth Taylor's second husband) I thought they were great in this film. Marlene Dietrich and Alastair Sim also put in some top-rate performances.

That got me to thinking about the movies I like as well as the ones I don't. It is very rare that I see a movie I don't like because I will usually only choose to see those I think I will like. Here are a few I've seen this past year and loved:


Actually saw it last year but rented it recently to see with J. (I haven't talked about it much on this blog because it's rated R, taboo for Mormons. It's got a lot of F word in it, which I didn't notice until I watched it the second time with subtitles. Ouch! But seriously, what's up with our U.S. rating system? A lovely movie like this is given the big R, while the evil Dark Knight slides by with a PG-13. Don't get me started.) The music is incredibly moving. The performances are perfect. As far as that pesky F word goes, well, that's how they talk in Ireland. It's punctuation.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Hilarious, yet touching performances from Amy Adams and Frances McDormand. Frances McDormand has one of the most expressive faces ever. I loved the glamorous 40's setting and the fact that it all takes place in one day. This is the perfect movie to watch if you're feeling a little uptight. A great de-stresser for the holidays!


The setting is a Lebanese beauty salon. Five women struggle with typical women's issues: married boyfriend, menopause, family obligations, etc., but this movie seems to give everything a fresh treatment. I loved it.

The Visitor

A widowed professor who lives and works in Connecticut goes back to his NYC apartment to discover an immigrant couple living there. The reviews call it a movie about immigration and while it does touch on some aspects of that, I found it to be more strongly about love, loss, healing, and the power of friendship.


ProMom said...

Thanks C, now I have a list of movies to see!
Goes with the list of books you recommended I need to read.

Gabriela said...

I am totally out of it when it comes to movies-thanks for the suggestions!

Anonymous said...

I've heard a lot about Once. There was a performance of one of the songs from it ("Falling Slowly") at a school event a while ago and it was a big hit.

Calandria said...

I just have to say again how stupid the R rating for Once is. There are no adult situations or themes, no nudity, no violence. It's just the F bomb. And it's almost exclusively used in a non-aggressive way, which is why I didn't even understand the first time I saw that they were saying it.

ML said...

We both really enjoyed "Miss Pettigrew" as well. Have you seen "Married Life"? I really liked it.