Saturday, January 17, 2009


I was going to post about this yesterday but our computer contracted a virus. Dr. J cured it last night, so all's good.

Yesterday the coolest thing happened. I don't think this has ever happened to me the entire time I've lived here.

Someone dropped by! Just to see me. A friend was in the neighborhood, so she stopped at my house. She did not call ahead of time. She just knocked on the door and said, "Hi! Can I come in?"

That's what people do in Maine, and according to my friend, in northern Minnesota too. It totally made my day. I know I'm probably making too big a deal out of this (do you think?) but it really made me feel special. She's a very busy lady with lots going on, but she made the time to hang out with me and felt enough confidence in our friendship that she didn't have to call ahead of time. It was so cool! It was additionally cool because she brought a bunch of photos for me to see of Asheville. She was there for eight months of her mission.

Now the question is, would I dare to drop in on someone?


Karen ~ said...

This is one of the things I loved about living in Norway. It's actually more rare to make arrangements ahead of time ... people just "go visiting."

You can ALWAYS drop by my house. You know well enough that I am not overly concerned with how my house looks at any given time - I am always willing to take a break from anything to sit and visit with a friend!

Dina said...

I had a close friend here that lived a few blocks away from me. (Now we live about 20 miles apart.) When my twins were little, I would take them for a stroll right by her house and if it looked like she was home, I would always stop and say "hi." I never even went in, it was just a "hi, what are you guys doing?" kind of a thing. It kind of broke up my day to have another adult to talk to. Well, one day she was complaining about someone dropping by without calling and kept saying, "I HATE the "drop in"! Why don't people call first?" It was my first clue that she wasn't feeling the same way about our little visits. I stopped going by without calling first.

Another experience with this. There is a member of our ward who lives just around the corner (new neighborhood.) She's 60ish, so whenever I baked an extra loaf of bread, or some rolls, or cinnamon rolls, etc., I would always send one of my kids over with some. I didn't call first. If she wasn't home, I just sent them on to another neighbor. One day she said in some round about way that she wanted me to call first. Huh? I'd never even thought of that! It wasn't like the kids were coming over at odd times when she would be sleeping or something. So, now I call and say, "Can we bring you some rolls?" which seems REALLY awkward to me.

I'm a Minnesotan and my neighbors always just rang our bell. What's up with the "no drop in" rule? I love having visitors!

Calandria said...

Okay, be prepared Karen, because I'm dropping in!

Dina, that is TOO weird. When I said that no one's ever dropped in on me here, I meant that people don't actually come in to my house to visit for awhile. Lots of people have rang my bell to drop something off or neighbors to shoot the breeze a few minutes at my front door. I can't imagine someone minding that! I mean, come on.

Anonymous said...

No kidding, that is weird. I love having random friends drop by. I rarely ever call before going over to someone else's house if I feel close enough to just stop in. Dang, I've stopped in on friends who have dates over! (Usually in those cases, the visit is a little quicker than usual.)

I know people that call their family before stopping by. Good grief!

Anonymous said...

She was recently in Ashville? Now that's strange.

The Dutch NEVER just drop in but I do drop in by a few good American friends. I wish people would drop by my house but I live in the wrong place.

Meg said...

You sound like me the first time I met a friendly face at the grocery store and we stopped to "chat". It took 2 years for that moment and I love it.

And...feel free to drop by anytime. :)

Ballerina Girl said...

great! and yes, I think you should drop in! I always wanted that but somehow here where I live, people just don't seem to do that....well, except for our neighbor in the same building....does that count?

Gabriela said...

That's cool. Like BG said, we don't do a lot of dropping in in these parts-but I would like it. But after reading Dina's comment, I may think twice! Geesh!

Maine Mom said...

I don't mind a bit when someone stops by, which doesn't happen too often. I would only stop by someone's house if we were good friends and I knew it wouldn't stress her out. It has been a long time since I have done that.

Mama Ava said...

I am more likely to drop in on someone I know very well. Mark will drop in on anyone at any time! When we lived in Tanzania, it is customary to drop in, but if you are the host, you can't leave or tell the guests that "you're just on your way out." You have to stop and entertain them, which can take a couple hours! When we first arrived, people would "stop by" (meaning they took a couple buses) to get to our house, usually around 7:30 or 8:00, right when I was getting the kids ready for bed. We finally figured out that they were timing their visits for our dinnertime so they could get fed (which is considered perfectly acceptable). Unfortunately, we ate at 5:30 so all we offered was tea and biscuits!