Wednesday, January 21, 2009

felicidades, lidia!

This young lady turns eleven today at 5:45 pm. She was born on a very snowy afternoon, which I've always suspected as the cause of her love for winter. Lidia recently wrote an essay on why she loves winter. I asked her, "Is that really your favorite season?"
"Yes!" she quickly replied, and then thought a second. "Of course, when it's spring I think that's my favorite season, and the same for summer and fall."
That's Lidia--embracing the moment. I've learned a lot from her in that regard.
Lidia recently started playing Seitz's Concerto No. 5 and it sounds so good! That's the second piece in Suzuki book 4. Lidia's teacher has her moving quickly through this book because she wants her to move on to more challenging pieces.


Ballerina Girl said...

Happy Birthday Lidia

celtishbee said...

Love the pic of you and lidia!

athena said...

happy birthday lidia! and happy playing your piece!! well done!

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday Lidia!

You and Margarita would be fast friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cous! Keep up the good work!

You know, I've always had the same problem with my seasons. I usually just say it's Fall and the pretty parts of Winter (NOTE: FALL AND WINTER IN NEW ENGLAND. NOT FALL AND DEFINITELY NOT WINTER IN IDAHO). But late afternoons in the Summer are just so pretty and Spring has got some pretty sights - if you can get past the mud and into a flower filled field.