Saturday, January 24, 2009

our first derby!

"El Escorpion." An orginal design by Marcus.
Nervous and excited before the races. The competition.

Here we go!

The glory.


Anonymous said...

Great! It looks like a good time! Keep it up, Marcus.

Anonymous said...

I love the design. I may have to check Ntest inventory.? It looks like he may have had some magnetic advantage going.


Calandria said...

haha--you're right, dad. it's a new prototype.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are some great looking cars! Congratulations Marcus!

athena said...

wow! the cars look really good! does marcus attend a church scout group or school scout group?

i like the checkered background. makes the occassion very car race style.

ps. i see all five images.

ML said...

I see all the images, but the google sites are acting weird for me today, too.
Congratulations Marcus!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty knarly looking.

I love those races.