Saturday, January 24, 2009


Is it just me, or is blogger all wonky today? I put up five Pinewood Derby photos, but sometimes when I click on the post, sometimes two appear, then four. What's going on? Do all five photos appear on your screen?
[Edit: Thanks for your replies! It turns out J changed and updated our internet explorer without letting me know. Problem solved!]


Karen ~ said...

All five appear for me, and I have actually looked at your blog like 3 times today - clearly I have no real life (I am actually avoiding the dreaded wallpaper) and they are all always there.

So it's just you.

Gabriela said...

I can see them all. Congrats to your soon. El escorpion looks awesome. It's funny because I was just talking about pinewood derbys with my son today, but never having had a brother or known anyone in boyscouts, I always thought they were kids-size cars that they rode it (you know, like Little Rascals).

I think he's going to be a little disappointed when we get back.

Gabriela said...

son. Not SOON.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I see them all.

Anonymous said...

sometimes 2 sometimes 5