Friday, February 27, 2009

full size

We got Georgie a full-size cello for her birthday (yay for growing!). Her birthday is Sunday but I wanted her to open it last night.
Georgie's orchestra won the Middle Levels Orchestra Festival! They competed against over 50 other orchestras, and they were one of the six that received a "superior" rating. Minutes before her orchestra was to play for the judges, one of Georgie's strings popped. Then, to the amazement of Georgie and all her friends, her peg snapped of spontaneously and flew across the room! It must have got cracked on the way.
Georgie was able to borrow a cello from another orchestra, but it was full size, and she'd never played a full size (hers was 3/4). So, she played a full-size cello for the first time on stage in front of judges. And on top of that, Georgie had a fever and so did 10 or so other members of her orchestra. The drama!
Georgie's fingers are still a bit small for a full-size cello, but we decided it's time to move up.
She would not smile for me in these photos because she wanted to go back downstairs to practice.
Georgie has a Rubik's cube competition Saturday.
Lidia and I leave in a few minutes for a feis in Wisconsin.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Good for Georgie! The cello is my favorite instrument to listen to. Good luck to the girls with all of their competitions. HAVE FUN!!!!

Gabriela said...

Wow-it is beautiful-I would be so scared having something like that in our house-Pedro would destroy it for sure.

your kids are so accomplished!

Ave said...
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celtishbee said...

Very Nice,Georgie!

Anonymous said...

She said that on facebook. I like the top picture. Very cool!

Ave said...

When I was a little girl I always wanted a cello. I thought it had the prettiest sounding name of the stringed instraments. Maybe it is because it rhymes with jello.

Mike and Mal said...

Ya know, Ave, you've always been the most profound of the family.