Friday, March 13, 2009

10 things that make me smile

I got about three hours of sleep last night due to an uncomfortable head cold. (Not that it even takes that much for me to not sleep.) Lidia is in the midst of her dance school's St. Pat's tour. They are doing ten days of shows around the Twin Cities, and Lidia is scheduled for four of those days. Early this morning we set off for a high school show in St. Paul. Before the show started, I went to see how Lidia was doing, as she hasn't felt well for the past three days. We thought it was finally over this morning, but I found her backstage slumped over a little table. When she looked up, her eyes kept rolling back like she was going to faint. The Tylenol Cold hadn't done much for her fever. She was able to rally for one dance number, but we had to bow out of the rest of today's shows. It's a serious bummer. They spend a LOT of time preparing for these shows, and she was so excited. I did get some video of her dancing Monday. I tried to upload it to my computer but no luck. I'll try J's computer later.

I just tried to take a nap but couldn't. So instead I'm going to jot down 10 Things That Make Me Smile. I could use a smile right now.

1. Looking at my children's baby pics. I don't know how we did it. I think J and I were so-so cute as babies. But my babies? Off the charts.

2. Reading Ave's blog. My Mom used to say Ave and I were Sense and Sensibility. I guess it's not so bad being the older, responsible, boring sister when you have a hilarious counterpart to make you smile.

3. Hanging out with my brothers, Link and Dtv. These photos are the only evidence I need.

4. Watching Seinfeld while I make dinner. It comes on at 6 pm and sometimes I put off making dinner until then just so I can watch it.

5. Galaktoboureko. Just the thought of it.

6. Marcus's laugh. This little guy hasn't lost the spontaneous belly laugh of babyhood. When he laughs, the world is suddenly delightful again.

7. Turning the heat up and looking at pictures of warm places. (seasonal)

8. Screwball comedies: The More the Merrier, It Happened One Night, The Awful Truth, Bringing Up Baby (see video--although it's funnier in the movie because there's this build up...).

9. J's open-mouthed grin w/ eye squint. I can't explain it. It just makes me smile every time.

10. Renewal.


Ave said...

That is a nice list. Poor lidia! I guess she has that nasty thing that we had here, get a little better, then the fever comes back and body aches. Lu and Lmx had it for 8 days. It was awful. Hope everyone is well soon.

celtishbee said...

Enjoyed this post. So sorry for Lidia's discomfort...what a bummah!

Meg said...

Just listing Cary Grant would make me smile.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

When you were a baby the word 'elbow' made you laugh.

I like that film too.

celtishbee said...

Ha ha,,,I remember that!

shawn said...

OOOHH I wondered if Lidia was dancing this weekend into St Patty's day... sorry to hear that she isn't feeling well..
LOVE the list.. what a great thing to write out!