Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Sometimes so much happens. I sit down to blog about it and I don't know where to start.

Georgie had a great time at the Rubik's cube tournament. It sounds like she met some very interesting people! J says that he, Marcus, and Bernie enjoyed themselves, too. G's cube fell apart on every attempt, which I guess is fairly common. Her lowest time was 49:44, which is normally her average. Other times were over one minute, but again, that's with the cube falling apart! She says she can't wait for next year's tournament.

Lidia did very well at the feis, placing in four out of five dances. In a couple of her dances she now competes against girls who have qualified for Nationals and even Worlds.

I've been doing a lot of writing lately and it's going so well! I love it! I hope to keep it up this time, though it's a little scary to realize that making writing an everyday priority means giving up other things. Like blogging, to some extent.

J has been exercising every day now for months. I do not dislike his abs of steel. He also has a lot going on at work. I haven't seen him this busy since he started the original company six years ago. Some of his customers are finally starting to pay, months overdue. That is a relief. Also, there is this incredibly major thing that just happened that I'm not even sure how to explain, as I have never mentioned it on this blog.

J's company competes with just two other companies for customers worldwide. When J and his partners acquired this company two years ago, things were a bit of a mess because its existing customers had been neglected for a while, and they weren't happy. Unfortunately, J soon found out that an Australian customer with an enormous contract had decided to switch to one of J's competitors. This was devastating. J and his partner tried to save it, but seemingly to no avail. Well. Then the project was delayed. J and his partner persisted in trying to get back into the running for this contract. Many resources were used in trying to retrieve this business--trips to Australia, changes to the product, etc. The Australian customer kept opening the door a crack for them, and then closing it in their faces. For leverage to use in driving down the price of J's competitor, who had supposedly been awarded this contract? Who knows. This has been going on for two years. About six months ago, things started to look more favorable for J's chances. But it kept teeter-tottering between his company and the competition's. They were going to decide in December. And then January. Three weeks ago, they heard news that made them rejoice. Australia wanted them there immediately for some training on the product. J's partner and the software engineer went. We all assumed it a done deal. Yay! And then a week and a half ago they found out that no, it was still up in the air. There were some things the customer preferred in the competitor. Boo! J told me that at lunch time. Just a few hours later he got news that yes, his company had been awarded the business.

I should have been jumping for joy, right? It was oddly anticlimactic. For one thing, I was in one of those I-am-the-only-one-who-ever-picks-up-around-here moods when he told me. Also, I think by that time I was emotionally spent on the whole thing. There had been too many highs and lows. I felt like protecting myself against further disappointment. "I'll believe it when you get the PO," I said. I do feel bad that I can't work up more enthusiasm. This contract insures J's company against a bad year, no matter what happens with the economy. This can totally carry them through. And yet, I'm still skittish. Notice that I said, "This can totally carry" rather than "will totally carry?" What's wrong with me? Why can't I be thrilled?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, there is always the Strout Place. We will live in the upstairs and you can live in the downstairs, again.

Ave said...

That was me, ave.

Calandria said...

At first I thought it was Dad! :)

The sad thing is, I think my kids would LOVE that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Dad would live in the Strout Place. Its to small for him..hee hee :D

Its good to here J's business is still going well. I understand there are a lot of people out of work in the States now and its getting worse. I've noticed the church is really concentrating on getting the food storage in and so on. Tell him we're all rooting for him.

Great to here the kiddos are all well. Lilly will have to put up a video of herself on her blog. We're all waitng for that.(hint hint)

Anonymous said...

I'll convert the barn in the Strout Place and we'll live there.