Sunday, March 29, 2009

what influences me as a writer


Amity tagged me. Check out her post--it looks like if you're a Mormon, consider yourself tagged. :) If not, you can steal the meme as it seems she did.

Here is one of my influences--more later after I get this Sunday school lesson prepared.


Mallory said...

What an awesome video! And a great talk! He is so much fun to listen to. He is right - it is truly amazing what the human body and spirit can accomplish.

celtishbee said...

Thank you so much; that was wonderful!

ML said...

I think it was Neal A. Maxwell (?) that said, "The Spirit can drive the body and enlarge the mind by borders that seem unreachable." Truly inspiring concept--thanks for sharing.

yesweareonmars said...

Along with being inspirational the video is well done.

I have a friend that did that with her baby pictures and films. It was so cool.

Gabriela said...

Wow I loved that-I loved it when I heard it during the RS broadcast, but that little video was very cool.

And so, so, so true- it just rang so true when I heard his words and I have thought about it a lot and have found more joy in simple tasks because of it.

Ave said...

I read that talk when I was feeling down last week. It is an awesome one.