Monday, March 16, 2009

why mormons build temples

Here we go with two "religious" posts in a row. Hope I still have readers left after this. ;-)

For every person who stands outside our temples screaming racial slurs at the black members walking in, for every tv writer, director, or producer who publicly mocks and misrepresents our sacred ordinances, there are people like the two Harvard professors, not members of our Faith, in this video.


Anonymous said...

I was out with the missonaries and saw that movie and loved it. the light always stirs up the darkness and people love to demonize what they dont understand


Meg said...

Wow. That's terrific. I love it. May need a copy of it over to where I live. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I loved it!

Gabriela said...

That was great-thanks for posting it. :)

Ave said...

I've been thinking about your two posts tonight at work. I am going to sound like a wacko maybe, but perhaps it is the intention of certain parties or groups to further divide the believers in God from those who do not believe. Maybe these peopel who come up with these statistics do so with the intention of making a believer feel isolated in his or her belief. I think the church attendance part may be accurate, but people still believe.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Jews can have temples but Mormons can't? Why is it that the narrator of all the church films has a sicky sweet voice? Why is it that the priest wears purple?
I like the bowtie they should make a comeback.

Yes, I have a short attention span.
Good thing the film was short :D

Anonymous said...

That sticky sweet voice is a Utahnic thing. If a woman was narrating she would say "tample" instead of "temple." It is their way in the Valleys.