Friday, April 03, 2009

conch salad: mmmmm

We are really enjoying the Bahamas. The time has flown! We only have one full day left.

I am not a beach resort fan, but it has been fun to see the kids enjoy themselves so much. How they love the water and sand! J took them snorkeling a couple days ago and all four loved it. Lidia and Georgie even got to see sharks. Bernie and Marcus were first in line to jump in with the sharks but they weren't allowed because they are too little to hold onto the rope for that long. My kids are nuts. Where do they get the daring streak from? J, of course. I think once, long ago, I may have been daring. But now I have to be the safety-minded parent. That's not a role J will ever assume.

Today we drove around the island a bit and passed the monument to Sir Harry Oakes. It was weird. I had forgotten that he lived here for many years and was actually murdered here in Nassau. Sir Harry was born and raised in my area of Maine and graduated from my high school. He lived a rather adventurous life after that until he struck gold in Canada and became very, very wealthy. To avoid taxes in Canada, he became a British citizen and moved to Nassau. He picked up the title for his charitable works in the England and the Bahamas. I passed Sir Harry's marble mausoleum in the cemetery every time I went to town as a kid. So the weirdness came of seeing something Sir Harry-related so far from Maine.

Conch salad is like ceviche, but made with conch (the little fishie inside the conch shell). I loooooove.


Ballerina Girl said...

so agree...conch is the best!
I loved diving with sharks...I guess I am the adventurous one in our family!

celtishbee said...

It all sounds wonderful!

Meg said...

What a terrific farewell to winter and welcome to spring.

Sounds like fabulous memories are being made.

bob said...

is it wrong to have hate for your beautiful, bahama vacationing cousin...oh well too late! oooh i just thought of something! i LIVE on a tropical island!! eat that cuz! (HEHEHEHEHE)

bob said...

by the way, (the hates all gone now!) that was really interesting to read about sir harry oaks, i didn't know anything about him until reading you blog then i looked him up online. according to wikipedia he graduated from FA. he also had a summer home in bar harbor which has now been turned into a hotel resort called the atlantic oaks. that is where mallory had her reception last year! cool!

yesweareonmars said...

I love conch salad!!! The most beauty of the Bahamas is underwater.

When you get back, don't forget to put up pictures.

Gabriela said...

Conch is really good.

How nice to be on vacation-I am jealous.

Have fun!