Thursday, April 09, 2009

more inspiration

I thought of some other things that inspire me and I want to jot them down here.

There are those stories of really heroic people that do mighty deeds. You read about them in the news and yes, those stories are very inspiring. But what impacts me more are the quiet, day-to-day acts of selflessness, loyalty, charity, dedication, etc. of those around me.

When we were in the Bahamas, Georgie made up a little cot from an easy chair and three cushy stools because she didn't want to share a bed with a sibling. The person who cleaned our room and made the beds brought some sheets in and made Georgie's cot up. The day we left, J came up and whispered to me, "Go look at Georgie's cot." I did and found a handmade thank-you note there for the lady who made up her cot.

Lidia started lessons with a new violin teacher last year. This teacher has her doing LOTS of scales. I noticed that Lidia was spending more than half her practice time doing scales. A couple times last year I tried to meddle. I stopped her halfway through the scales and told her she'd better move on to her pieces. Lidia said, "No, Mom. My teacher says that if I do these scales every day, then someday I'll be able to play anything." I backed off, and Lidia continued with the scales. The violin teacher has high standards and she really pushes Lidia in her lessons. She is not negative, but she's certainly never going to say, "Ok, that was nice," if it wasn't. If you play something badly, she says, "So, what did YOU think of that?" I know because that's what she says to me. :) Anyway, Lidia has been doing these (boring) scales daily now for over a year. She is very proficient. At her last lesson, her teacher stopped her while she was playing and told Lidia that she is her most dedicated student. She congratulated her on her practice, and said that it is paying off tremendously. I think I even saw some tears in the teacher's eyes!

So that is what inspires me. A teenager thinking of someone besides herself and taking the time to show gratitude. A little girl who does the boring stuff because she knows it will lead to excellence.


Dina said...

Your kids are so great!

Gabriela said...

Those are both inspiring stories- you have very special kids. :)

Ave said...

Now there are tears in my eyes! NO big surprise there.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Wonderful kids who obviously picked up some things from their parents!

I wonder what the world would be like if everyone showed more gratitude and perseverance in the "boring" stuff.

Calandria said...

They picked up these traits from their father. Not to say they didn't get anything good from me, but I don't think I'm great at showing gratitude or persevering in the boring stuff. I'm inspired by their examples.

They are great kids!

Anonymous said...

It is most inspiring to me to read the words in the lives of my inspiring children.
However; it is at other times, wicked funny.


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. Isn't it nice when our children surprise us with those little things.