Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Carlos V liked the Alhambra so much he plunked a big old Renaissance palace right down in the middle of it. Evidently the Palacio Nazaries wasn't good enough as a summer retreat. The elevated courtyard of Carlos V's palace is one of the most beautiful constructions of the Renaissance, but it's so at odds with the rest of the Alhambra, I'm sure it's under appreciated. Carlos's little summer place is on the right, and the Palacio Nazaries on the left. The Moors liked subtle, unassuming exteriors on their buildings to contain the inner sumptuousness. There are over 2 million visitors per year to the Palacio Nazaries. There are many more who would like to enter, but are turned away because tickets sell out.
view of Granada from the Alcazaba, a fort. The Alhambra was originally built for military purposes.

Tranquil waters inside the Palacio Nazaries.

Don't you want to run your fingers over this?

hall of two sisters

Door to Irv's rooms.

pleasant courtyard

Spirited, laughing water at Generalife gardens.


Anonymous said...

You know, there's a cake called "alhambra" named after the city. If I remember right, the word has something to do with red. But you would know more about that than I would. The cake has nothing to do with red, but very much to do with chocolate and hazelnuts - it's really good!

Meg said...'s my usual "thanks for sharing" comment. But seriously-I love seeing these things that I never knew existed! And you describe them and give me a touch of history. Why don't you start a travel blog...make a little money on the side...:)

Ballerina Girl said...

Wow, looks so tranquil. Ronda looks just like a fairy tale, too!
This sounds like an extensive trip for sure! How long was it? Was it pure vacation?

Thank you for sharing!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Gee whiz, wish I had a "little summer place" like that!