Monday, May 11, 2009

feeling better

Thank you for your supportive comments on the last post. Thank you for saying that we are a great family and worth knowing. Because of how various neighbors react to us, I admit to having done the mental equivalent of sniffing at my armpit and breathing into my hand to smell my breath.

I think I was vulnerable to feeling bad about that stupid note because of other stressful things happening in my life right now. It is absolutely nothing to worry about--everyone is healthy and fine. I don't want to go into details about it because I don't think hashing it all out here will make me feel better. What I know will make me feel better is to follow the example of my great friend, June Russell, and count my blessings.

Here are a few in no particular order:

1. I just returned from a violin lesson with an awesome teacher. She is absolutely wonderful and I would drive miles to take lessons from her. However, we happen to have her living right here in our neighborhood! See, our neighbors are not all bad.

2. We were privileged to have my parents visiting for the past week and a half or so. It was a rare treat to take grandparents to see Bernie's dance recital and Georgie's school's production of Oliver! Georgie played in the pit orchestra--the string bass. (She was going to play cello, but there were already 2 other cellos and she thought they could use her better as a bassist, albeit a tiny one. She totally rocked it. She sounded almost as good as she looked. ;-))

3. My family is enjoying good health right now, both physically and spiritually. All of the kids are doing well in school.

4. The weather has been rather fine and will only get better.
5. I went to England and Spain! Including a few hours in the British Museum pictured above. (Maybe imperialism wasn't so bad?)

6. I read a book recently that was so beautifully written, and so incredibly funny. Has anyone read My Family and Other Animals? Oh my gosh. It's about this eccentric English family that moves to the Greek island of Corfu in the 60s. It's a memoir by naturalist George Durrell, part travelogue, part coming-of-age, part detailed description of the fauna of the island, all hilarious. My mom read it while she was here and loved it too. I'm passing it on to Georgie next. Just thinking about that book is making me happier.

7. I'm working on a writing project that I'm really excited about.

8. In my closet I have some bars of Amano chocolate.

9. My husband loves me.
10. He just came home for lunch.


Gabriela said...

Wow-I missed all the drama. Sorry about the note-I hate stuff like that!

I would love to be your neighbor!

Ave said...

Hahahahaha! Who hasn't sniffed their own armpit and cupped a hand to smell their own breath? If you haven't you should, it would save people like me from wasting valuale lime spritzer, containing 100% natural essential oils.:)

Calandria said...

Maybe if I used more lime spritzer, my neighbors would like me better.

Dina said...

There was a gorgeous, perfectly put together gal in our ward in E.P. (yes, you know her!) and it actually made me happy one day when she rushed in late for church and sat by me and had terrible breath. It was probably the first and last time, and I think it was the only flaw she had, but it made her oh so much more lovable to me. :)

Ballerina Girl said...

You certainly are blessed!
Thanks for the book suggestion and Amano chocolate? I haven't heard of that but it must be good!

I will give it a try.
Have a great week