Saturday, June 20, 2009

about my dad

I have a soft-spoken father. I do not remember a single occasion of him ever raising his voice to me. He always encouraged and supported me in healthy, worthy pursuits, and never said a critical word. This is not what he experienced as a child, at least from one of his parents. That makes it even more impressive to me that he actively chose, on a daily basis, to be gentle, kind, and sensitive.
Thank you, Dad. I love you. We're all so glad you didn't drown in the cow poop.


ML said...

Lol! Okay--me too! I am SO glad he didn't go THAT way-hahaha!
A very wonderful tribute to a very wonderful man--but not nearly so wonderful a tribute as the author herself.
So, who's the guy in the picture?

Anonymous said...

I like that it's nice and simple. That's kind of how he is. (Simple in a good way.)

Anonymous said...

True but when he is mad his whole head turns red...hee hee.

Wow, that picture brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

W8, I remember that picture. Isn't that the day Ash was blessed?

Lucy said...

yes, it was.