Friday, July 10, 2009

i should be packing but here's my procrastination post

We found a renter and he seems perfect. Too perfect, in fact. Mama Ava and I were hoping to get back at my persnickety neighbors by finding someone loud and obnoxious. This guy is everything opposite. He wants to move in August 1st, so we're going great guns trying to get rid of our stuff. At least we're renting the house furnished, so we won't have to deal with much furniture. Anyone want an old computer hutch?
A king-size mattress?
A full-size bed?
A mini pool/air hockey/ping pong table? (It's small, like for 5-8 year olds.)

At the end of this month we're heading to Maine. We'll come back just a few days before our flight to Malaga.

I never posted about lunch with Mama Ava and Karen. So fun. What an idiot I was to not take photos! What's wrong with me? I should have at least got one of Frodo loving Karen. She picked him up and he snuggled right into her like he never ever wanted to leave.

I hosted my last book group meeting--Age of Innocence. The discussion was great! I've read it thrice now and I never saw Archer as a jerk. But now I'm considering him to at least have some jerk-like qualities after hearing him torn apart in our group. Who here thinks Archer would have been happy with Ellen if he'd married her instead of May?

I'm in denial that we are leaving behind so many awesome friends. I refuse to say good bye. I'm saying, "See you in Spain" since we have quite a few who are seriously considering coming to visit. Yay! So please don't be offended, Minnesota friends, when I don't say good bye. I don't think I can handle it.

We turned in our visa applications to the Spanish consulate in Chicago. We got to see a couple things while there--Sears Tower (did you know they changed the name to Willis Tower?!) and Millennium Park. Stay tuned for photos from our new Canon Rebel T1i! We love it!


Mama Ava said...

I had a great lunch, too! Ava is still looking forward to playing with Bernie at least once more before you leave for Maine.

I'm not one to collect a lot of internet friends, but I'm so thankful for your blog which has allowed us to keep in touch and offered a link to others who also read you. I'm so looking forward to living vicariously in Spain!

Karen ~ said...

Seriously, I still think the move will be too much for Frodo and he would really rather stay in Minnesota .... with me ....

I am with you on the "good bye" philosophy. I won't even notice that you don't say goodbye to me, because then I won't say it to you, either.

See you in Spain.

Amity said...

Can I see you in Maine?

If you decided to head to Rangeley or its environs, we can meet up...

I have Dominican company and family camp but please let me know when/how if it is at all possible.

And, add me to the list of "see you in Spain."

Ballerina Girl said...

Ah, the joys of moving, right? NEVER say goodbye, just se you soon :)

I so wanted to get that new Canon, could you please tell me all about it? Instead I felt that we needed a video camera (first, hahaha)

Anyways, looking forward to hearing about many great adventures!


ML said...

Yay! I'll get to see you in Maine! How long are you going to be there? I'll be there the first 2 weeks of August and (I think) Casey will be there for a week or so sometime after that.
I'll have to take a look at that camera--we need something to replace the one that Casey bought last October in the States. I--uh--drove over it with the van. :(

ProMom said...

If you keep blogging, I'll keep reading! The world is small on the internet, right?
I'm with you on the good byes too. I'll say "See you later", because we'll run into each other again sooner or later.

Let me know if you need help packing. I'll come over and get in your way to slow you down!